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Nano-campaigning refers to an approach within Marketing communications, Public relations and Lobbying which uses personalised and product-specific or issue-specific tactics as the starting point for more extensive strategic campaigns. It is based on the principles of social psychology and is enabled by the application of social media technologies.

[edit] First use of the term

The term was first coined by US marketer and blogger, Anne Holland, on her MarketingSherpa blog, in an article[1] of 6 October 2008[1]. For Holland, the nano-campaign was the practical effect of the nano-niche marketing concept.

[edit] Wider definition and application of the term

On 19 February 2009, UK campaigns consultant and writer, Dan Fox, in an article on PubAffairs, the Public Affairs Networking blog[2], expanded the definition to cover the broader range of communications disciplines and services[2].

He defined nano-campaigning as the tactical promotion of ideas and messages, tailored to individuals or select groups, with the strategic aim of encouraging a campaign to grow and build momentum beyond a small, focussed audience, enabled by the multiplying effects of communication technologies and social media.

In March 2009, the term was used on another marketing blog, dm horizons[3][3] to describe the rejection of television by the team campaigning to promote the Indian-manufactured budget car, the Nano, in favour of, inter alia, chatrooms, news tickers, pop-ups, Facebook, Orkut, blogs, and word-of-mouth[4]. dm horizons described this as "a nano-campaign for the Nano".

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