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Help:How to edit a SmallBusiness.com entry

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This how-to is related to using the SmallBusiness.com WIKI. For more help related to using the SmallBusiness.com WIKI, visit the SmallBusiness.com WIKI Help Hub. For How-tos related to running a small business, visit the SmallBusiness.com WIKI How to Hub.

Basic Editing

Editing a previously existing entry is the most essential and most common way for a user to interact on SmallBusiness.com.com. Click on the Edit tab at the top of the entry (note: you must be logged in to see the tab) to edit the entire entry. Or click on the Edit link associated with each sub-heading to edit that sub- ection of the entry.

After you click on either of those, you will see an edit-box containing the words in the entry, plus a lot of what looks like, if you're not familiar with Wiki markup code, a bunch of gobble-dee-gook. The technical term for that gobble-dee-gook is tags and they are a part of a very simple code that explains to our website how you want the text to look. In a section below, you will find a few tags that are the most useful.

Fun trick: You can click on the Edit link right above this entry and see how this page was made using these tags.

Basic formatting tags

(Main entry: Help:Basic_Formatting)

  • Boldface
'''Bold text'''
  • A link to another page on Smallbusiness.com (internal link). Note that you don't have to use the underscore symbol ( _ )
  • An internal link, but you want the displayed words (what the reader sees) to be different from the exact name of the page. Notice the vertical slash symbol "|" between the link location and the words you'd like to display.
[[Marketing|the different methods of marketing]]
  • An external link to a URL not on Smallbusiness.com
  • An external link to a URL, but you want the displayed words to be different from the URL. Notice there is NO vertical stroke symbol "|" used between the URL and the displayed words in an external link tag (unlike the internal link tag described above where the "|" symbol IS used). Makes no sense to us, either. But that's how it's done.
[http://hammock.com the website Hammock Inc., the company that manages SmallBusiness.com]
  • Line break (This should look familiar to those who know any HTML.)
  • Category heading
== Category Heading ==
  • Sub-category heading
=== Sub-category heading ===
  • Bullet point
*Bullet point
  • Secondary bullet point
**Secondary bullet point
  • Indent a section of type ("blockquote")

General guidelines for new users (and old)

  • Search to see whether someone has written a similar page before you start one yourself. Choose the title carefully.
  • Review conventions of the project you are working in regarding e.g.:
    • naming conventions; see also Help:Page name.
    • whether a separate page is justified; perhaps it is better to add the text to a related page (especially if the text is not very long); that page can always be split later, after it has grown.
  • While creating the page and before saving it, check the What links here link on the creation page. Align the new content with existing links, or change the new title, or fix the other links.
  • If nothing points here, the page is isolated. Links to it will need to be added on other pages.

Copy Click & Paste Pages

To assist you in creating specific types of entries, we are creating entries that have wikitext code you can copy and paste into a new entry. You can find links to them here:

<categorytree mode=all>Copy click & paste</categorytree>