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Welcome to the SmallBusiness.com WIKI

The SmallBusiness.com WIKI is a growing collection of information, knowledge, instructions and data that can help small businesses make better decisions throughout the day.

The WIKI is a project of SmallBusiness.com, the daily flowing river of small business news, information, insight, inspiration and fun. If SmallBusiness.com is a flowing river, then think of the WIKI as a deep ocean of knowledge, information and data.

It's important to understand: Unlike other parts of SmallBusiness.com, the WIKI is added-to and edited by its users (translation: you!).

That said, the SmallBusiness.com WIKI has people, some volunteers and others on our small staff, who do what we can to keep the internet's spammers and vandals under control. But you can help us there, also. If you see something, say something. Better yet, fix it. . And while you'll discover most of the information found here is from people with the best of intentions, you should view information here as a gateway to knowledge, but always use your personal business, legal and financial advisors when making decisions related to your business. (Read our lawyered-up disclaimer for the legalese-version of this warning about how you should treat the information on the WIKI.)

Helping each other is why the WIKI exists

The WIKI was started because we believe that help is what those who run small businesses seek from the internet. Help in making decisions. Help in finding the answer to a question that pops up for the first time. Help in finding the resources needed to solve a problem or respond to an opportunity. Help in selling. Help in saving. Help in making it through the rough times and help in keeping focused on what's important, even in the best of times.

But too often, what we experience on the web is chaos.

Providing a platform to share such helpful knowledge is the reason this WIKI was established in 2006. It has grown steadily, but we've only scratched the surface of what it can be -- with your help.

If you'd like to learn more about SmallBusiness.com or the SmallBusiness.com WIKI, click on the About link you'll see on every page.

Thanks for dropping by. We hope you'll come back when you need more help. And we hope you'll come back to share something you've learned that could help others.


Rex Hammock
Founder and Head Helper
[email protected]


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