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California State University-Chico

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The The Entrepreneurship Program at California State University, Chico is a specialized university program and curriculum focused on the study of entrepreneurship and business creation.

About the program

Supported by a high-performance advisory board, talented faculty, outstanding students, and generous donations from alumni, the entrepreneurship program at CSU, Chico is well positioned to become one of the finest in the nation. Situated in Chico, California, a region that attracts talented entrepreneurs who seek an enhanced quality of life through relocation from nearby urban centers, CSU, Chico provides students with high-quality instruction, exposure to experienced entrepreneurs, and the resources they need to fully develop promising entrepreneurial ventures.



The Entrepreneurship Program
California State University, Chico
College of Business
Tehama Hall 301
Chico, California 95929-0001

Phone: 530-898-6271
Email: [mailto: ]
Website: http://www.csuchico.edu/cob/theCollege/entrepreneur/index.shtml

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