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In financial and business accounting, earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) or operating income is a measure of a firm's profitability that excludes interest and income tax expenses.[1]

EBIT = Operating Revenue – Operating Expenses (OPEX) + Non-operating Income

Operating Income = Operating Revenue – Operating Expenses[1]

Operating income is the difference between operating revenues and operating expenses, but it is also sometimes used as a synonym for EBIT and operating profit.[2] This is true if the firm has no non-operating income.

To calculate EBIT, expenses (e.g., the cost of goods sold, selling and administrative expenses) are subtracted from revenues.[3] Profit is later obtained by subtracting interest and taxes from the result.

Statement of Income — Example
(figures in millions)
Operating Revenue
     Sales Revenue $20,438
Operating Expenses
     Cost of goods sold $7,943
     Selling, general and administrative expenses $8,172
     Depreciation and amortization $960
     Other expenses $138
         Total operating expenses $17,213
Operating income $3,225
     Non-operating income $130
Earnings before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) $3,355
     Net interest expense/income $145
Earnings before income taxes $3,210
     Income taxes $1,027
Net Income $2,183

(Table info source: Bodie, Z., Kane, A. and Marcus, A. J. Essentials of Investments, McGraw Hill Irwin, 2004, p. 452.)


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