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Filing or paying taxes late information and forms

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If you can’t pay the full amount of your taxes, it’s better to at least file your tax forms by their due dates. Partial payments will help reduce the amount of penalties and interest.

If you are still unable to pay at the next due date, continue to file your returns on time to avoid the failure-to-file penalty.

Attach Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request, and propose a monthly payment date and amount.

If circumstances make it unlikely that you could pay the full tax even on an installment plan, request a copy of Publication 594, The IRS Collection Process. This publication lists alternative methods for resolving your account.

Note: The failure-to-pay penalty may be reduced from one half (.5) of a percent to one quarter (.25) of a percent in which an individual installment agreement is in effect. However, you must have filed the tax return on time.