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Help:Copy Click & Paste Code - General Entry

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This is a SmallBusiness.com Copy Click & Paste Page. Creating a page on SmallBusiness.com can be intimidating at first, even for someone who knows a little HTML. That's because we use the same software platform used by Wikipedia -- MediaWiki. It uses a code called wikitext that (ironically, to some) is supposed to be simple to use, and is, after you catch on to it.

To help you get started, we've created a few copy-and-paste code pattern pages for some of our most common entries. All you do is:

  1. Copy the code below (straight from this page -- you don't need to click edit)
  2. Type the name of your entry in the box below and click the "Create an entry page" (exceptions: User page - click your username at the top of the page / University Entrepreneurship Programs - click "back" to return to the entry you came from)
  3. Paste the code into the entry you create
  4. Use the code as a guide. Type over it and discard the code you don't need
  5. Use "Show preview" button to see how your entry is shaping up
  6. Use "Publish changes" to create your entry

(Side benefit: Anything you learn here works the same way on Wikipedia.)

You can find more Copy Click & Paste code pages at the Copy Click & Paste Hub.

Start copying after the arrow -->

== Category heading #1 ==

'''Bold Face what this entry is about''' by typing the words over what is currently bold face -- be careful to leave the three apostrophes before and after the words you want to bold face. Continue to write more information in this space.

== This is a Category Heading ==

A category heading has two equal signs in front of it, and two equal signs after it.
Just continue to write over this jibberish with helpful information:

*Bullet points are created by typing the star symbol (the "8" key capitalized)
*Bullet point
**You can get sub-bullet points with two stars
**You can get sub-bullet points with two stars

=== Sub-cateogory heading ===

Opening sentence for additional steps. Then write tips as bullet points:

#This is a number list
#The "#" in the list
#Will turn into
#numbers when you save the page

==Category #3==

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse ut erat eros.:

*Bullet point
*Bullet points

== See also ==

*[[Add links to related pages on SmallBusiness.com by enclose a page name between opening and closing double brackets]]
*[[:Category:How tos]]

==External links==

*[Add a link to web page by putting it between an opening and closing bracket]
*[http://wikihow.com/ WikiHow.com]

[[Category:Subject1]] [[Category:Subject2]]

<-- Stop copying before the arrow.

Use this box to name and create a new entry

The Create a New Entry Button: Here it is. The most powerful tool on SmallBusiness.com. Type in the name of your entry, and share your knowledge now:

Tip #1: When you land on the new entry, paste in the model Wiki markup code copied from the section above. You will then be ready to write your article. On the page you create, use the "Show preview" button to preview how your entry will look. When you are ready, click "Save page" to publish it. Don't worry if you don't have the page looking perfect. We have "elves" constantly monitoring the site who will fix it up.

Tip #2: If you'd like to practice, type in the word "Sandbox" followed by a random word and use that page to play-around.

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