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Help:How to create a SmallBusiness.com SCORE chapter entry

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This how-to is related to using the SmallBusiness.com WIKI. For more help related to using the SmallBusiness.com WIKI, visit the SmallBusiness.com WIKI Help Hub. For How-tos related to running a small business, visit the SmallBusiness.com WIKI How to Hub.
It is easy to create a SmallBusiness.com entry for a local SCORE chapter. Already, over 160 chapters are listed on the SmallBusiness.com SCORE Chapter Hub. (See also: List of SCORE Chapters) To add your's, just follow these instructions. (Tip: You may find it helpful to open another browser window in which to work, while leaving this window open in order to follow these directions):

1. You must be a registered user of SmallBusiness.com and be logged-in to create or edit a SmallBusiness.com entry.

2. Visit the Hartford SCORE entry to see an example of what an entry should look like if you follow the next steps.

3. Copy the copy and paste code below these instructions.

4. In the box below, type the name of the SCORE chapter. Type it in like this: Hartford SCORE. Click Create a SCORE chapter page.

5. Paste the code into the edit box of the entry page you create.

6. Replace the information from the model Hartford entry with correct information about the chapter you are creating.

7. When you get the the information correct, click the Save page button at the bottom of the edit page.

Start copying after this arrow -->


<!-- You can type or paste in more information in the space right after this message. For example, special awards the chapter has won. -->
| address=330 Main Street<br>[[Hartford, Connecticut]] 06106 <!--Replace with chapter address-->
| phone=860-240-4700 <!-- Replace with chapter phone number -->
| fax=
| [email protected] <!-- Replace with chapter email -->
| website=http://hartfordscore.org <!-- Replace with chapter web address -->
<!-- You can type or paste in more information here. For example, branch location information. -->
|state=Connecticut <!-- Replace with state name -->
|city=Hartford <!-- Replace with city name -->


<-- Stop copying before the arrow