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How to clean your computer in under a minute

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Here is a quick way to clean your computer at the end of each day, via Apartment Therapy.[1]

You will need

  • Screen cleaning cloth
  • Keyboard wipes or cleaning solution


Screen-shot-2014-01-28-at-10.png" width="760" height="500"

1. Turn keyboard/ laptop upside down over the trash > 10s

Screen-shot-2014-01-28-at-10.png" width="760" height="500"

2. Wipe screen with the terry cloth side of the cleaning cloth > 15s

3. Wipe screen with the microfiber side of the cleaning cloth > 15s 4. Wipe down keyboard and trackpad (or mouse) with the cleaning wipes > 20s


You should perform the one minute clean at least twice a week--three times a week if you eat lunch at your workspace. Apartment Therapy also has a more extensive cleaning process that we recommend you try at least once a month.

See also


  1. Alcaidinho, Joelle (2014-01-15). "A Clearner Computer in a Minute". Apartment Therapy. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/computer-cleaning-cure-in-a-minute-a-day-199058. Retrieved 2014-02-19. 

Material needed (Amazon.com)