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SmallBusiness.com:Tutorial (Keep in mind)

SmallBusiness.com: The free small business resource
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There are some things to keep in mind when editing SmallBusiness.com.

Editorial policies

Subject matter

SmallBusiness.com is an editable sourcebook for small business owners and managers (and those who would like to start their own businesses).

The information on this site is intended to assist users in making decisions. There are How-to entries, directories of links, glossaries of business terms and guides to business basics. The site also includes information about governmental, non-profit and academic organizations that are available to assist small businesses in starting and growing their businesses.

Neutral point of view

SmallBusiness.com's editorial policy is to be neutral in the point of view that appears in entries. While SmallBusiness.com allows and encourages individuals who work for an organization to add information about the organization, such information cannot be promotional in nature. Any adjectives that imply something is the oldest, largest, leading or best must be backed up with verifiable references or they will be edited out of the entry.

No neutrality on your User profile page

One exception to the Neutral point of view rule is your User profile page. On it, please feel free to promote yourself and your business.


Do not submit copyrighted material without permission. When adding information to articles, make sure it is written in your own words. Remember that all information found on the Internet is copyrighted unless the website specifically states otherwise.

For more information, see SmallBusiness.com:Copyrights.

Guidelines for Using SmallBusiness.com

The creator of SmallBusiness.com, Rex Hammock, wrote Guidelines for using SmallBusiness.com. By reading them, you can learn how the community and culture of SmallBusiness.com is intended to be collaborative and helpful. Entries should be written for those who are seeking information and knowledge about an issue or product or situation they may have never encountered before. Therefore, keeping entries simple is one of the site's key principles.

For a more detailed discussion of conduct, see SmallBusiness.com Guidelines.

Creating articles

You may create articles on SmallBusiness.com, try to take the advice given in the tutorial and to follow the policies mentioned here. Remember, you need to be registered and logged-into SmallBusiness.com to create or edit entries. It is people like you who are making SmallBusiness.com the helpful and comprehensive resource it is. So join in today.

For details, see How to create a SmallBusiness.com entry.

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